The Government is looking to Increase the Percentage of Food Exports to the Global Market

Anita Praveen, Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing Industry in the Government of India, points up the importance of sustaining international quality standards in processed food exports.

She encouraged the industry to contemplate reducing profit margins to meet the global standards set for Indian food products.

She addressed the audience at the 15th Foodworld India 2024 event hosted by the industry organization Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

The companies claim to comply with Indian standards, which is acceptable, but we believe that adhering to international standards is superior.

She mentioned that to meet these standards for food products in international markets, it may be necessary to slightly reduce profit margins.

She highlighted the government’s backing of the food processing industry and stated that the Ministry is willing to address any industry-related concerns. She encouraged industry members to focus on improving the quality and expanding the variety of food products for the global market.

Food Exports, MOFPI

Why do we need to have any sugar at all when Europe can offer food with zero sugar? We should struggle to be in a place where we are completely free from such claims, she emphasized.

In the past, our focus has been solely on supplying Fafada and Paratha. However, it is now necessary to consider international tastes and begin manufacturing products that appeal to a global audience. We must expand our offerings.

When examining our export numbers, it becomes clear that we primarily export basic products, often in frozen or dried packaging. This reveals a significant gap in our market.

There is a great opportunity for value addition and profitability within this sector, she emphasized, encouraging the industry to work towards expanding the variety and improving the quality of our products.

She also mentioned that the government is aiming to increase the percentage of food exports to the global market. It is essential to guarantee that products leaving India are of high quality. It is our responsibility to ensure responsible production. The sector must be more accountable, she emphasized.


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