Senior Chemist Job Vacancy in Adya Dairy Products

Adya Dairy Products is currently seeking a Senior Chemist to join their team. The company offers a wide variety of milk and dairy products including Paneer, Plain Dahi, Misti Doi Aam Doi, Alphonso Mango Dahi, ghee, lassi, skimmed milk powder, and butter.

Vacancy Details

Position Name: Senior Chemist

Company Name: Adya Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd

Location: Kolkata


Food technologist or Dairy Technologist or BSc or MSC-Chemistry.


Min 5–6 years

Senior Chemist, Adya Dairy Products


  • Implement FSMS plans developed by management.
  • Monitor online finished goods output to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Verify certification of weighing machines used for finished goods in the plant.
  • Oversee hygiene maintenance in and around the main plant building.
  • Ensure compliance with audit findings and recommendations.
  • Monitor documentation updates for policies set by management.
  • Conduct internal calibration of laboratory equipment and glassware.
  • Manage stock of materials used in the lab.
  • Inspect and approve/reject all raw materials except milk and packaging materials according to guidelines.
  • Supervise work performed by external service providers and report to management.
  • Maintain environmental parameters.
  • Provide training on food defense, food safety, and AOP to new lab employees and helpers, and conduct refresher training for chemists, microbiologists, and helpers.
  • Validate CIP protocol for all systems.

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