Supplier Auditor and Developer job at Pune, Maharashtra by Coca Cola.

Location: Pune, Maharashtra IN

JobType: FullTime

Relocation: No

Post Date: May 17, 2022


  • Plan/ Schedule and organize supplier audits and developmental technical visits as needed.
  • Conduct in depth audits of KO Juice Suppliers (& other ingredient categories as needed) against TCCC supplier governance requirements outlined in Company databases (KORE and PICASSO). Assess the capability of the supplier to deliver ingredients according to TCCC expectations / specifications and to ensure confidence on the quality of the supplied goods. Ensure audits are conducted within required time frame and within budget.
  • Prepare value added audit reports, which allow stakeholders to clearly understand the level of compliance, any associated risks and facilitate the supplier operations to accurately address corrective action.
  • Maintain supplier and audit data in the Company databases and tracking tools in a timely manner.
  • Follow up with suppliers on corrective action plans resulting from the TCCC audit to ensure the appropriate level of action is taken to eliminate non-conformance.


Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Chemistry, Biology, Toxicology, General Science, Pharmacology, etc.


Estimate at 50% depending on audit and supplier developer needs, primarily in India, South-East Asia and Pacific region and may potentially require some international travels.

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