Food technologist (Marketing Technical executive) at Chemvera Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd


1. To focus on all customers and to provide commercial and technical support for the Food ingredient, flavour & Nutraceutical ingredients and Vitamin mineral range.
2. To make technical product promotion on the digital marketing platform & Visit customer
3. To have good networking skills at senior level contacts with leading food & Nutraceutical manufacturing companies.

4. Coordination with suppliers and customers.
5. Responsible for the development of Vitamin & Mineral premix and product promotion.
6. Identification of potential customers through personal contacts/website/marketing intelligence.
7. Coordinate various event / technical seminars for business promotion.
8. Prepare technical literature and dossier for food ingredient, flavour , and nutraceutical ingredients.

9. prepare the presentation and clinical data analysis for Nutraceutical ingredients.
10. Interests in Digital Marketing & Travelling
11. online promotion through webinar/group meeting / online exhibition.
12. coordinate with University, R & D lab, NPD centre for Nutraceutical ingredient product development.
13 . Knowledge of FSSAI – India and FDA.
from Nutraceutical Science background (i.e. M.Sc Nutrition, ). and for Food Ingredient – Food Technologist with good knowledge in Nutraceutical, Vitamin premix, health food & Flavour range & food additive.

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