Nestle New Product CEREGROW

Nestle is adding new products to its portfolio by launching Nestle CEREGROW. In this article, we are going to know all about this expansion of a new range of products.

Nestle CEREGROW is a ready-to-cook breakfast product made for early ages (3-6) years Children, it will cost around 1000/ kg. It is available in different types of packaging from 300gm, 1kg, and above.

After the pandemic, parents are increasingly looking for ways to integrate traditional ingredients and recipes into their children’s diets, along with confidence in assured nutrition. Nestlé CEREGROW Multigrain Cereals with Milk & Fruit, has been one of our most successful launches in the recent past with the promise of ‘Full Nutrition, Full Assurance (Poora Poshan, Poori Tasalli)’. We believe that the all-new CEREGROW Grain Selection Ragi mixed fruits & ghee, will help mothers incorporate traditional ingredients in their toddler’s diet in a nutritious and tasty form. Vineet Singh, Head, Nutrition Business, Nestle India

Slowly people are being aware of other healthier options apart from wheat and rice. And MNCs like Nestle are looking at it as a market opportunity and that’s a very positive thing. Because we need a varied diet plan for good health.

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FACT: To honor the nutrient-rich millets and increase public awareness, 2023 has been declared as the international year of millet.

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