Kerala Food Poisoning : Shawarma

What is shawarma?

Shawarma Is a Popular Dish Made From Marinated Meat, Such As Lamb, beef, and Chicken. It Is a Mouth Watering Meal and Is Very Popular in Kerala.

shawarma in kerala is causing food poisioningg

Kerala Food Poisoning NEWS

A 16-year-Old Girl In Kasargod After Consuming Shawarma Died, And More than 40 were hospitalized After Eating Shawarma Because Of Food Poisoning.

So From 1 September 2022, Several Guidelines Are Imposed On the Preparation And Selling Of  Kerela Shawarma.

So After these Many Cases, When Examination Of Shawama Samples Took Place Around the District, Presence of Shigella and Salmonella Bacteria in them was Found.

That was the Reason for the Death of the Girl and So Many Food Poisoning Cases.

After that Raid was Conducted All Over the State, and It was found that many Shawarma Stalls in Kerala were Operating in Unhygienic Condition.

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Action Taken By The Government.

Kerela Government has Issued Guidelines for the Preparation of Chicken Shawarma Or any Other Shawarma. For the safety of Consumes.

Whether it is Steet Food Vendor Or Hotel Or restaurant Or Any Person who is Preparing and Selling Shawarma Shall Strictly Follow the Required Guidelines Issued by the Government.

  1. The shawarma’s packaging/parcel packets must state the date and time it was prepared
  2. The shawarma shouldn’t be left outside/at room temperature for more than one hour
  3. The mayonnaise and sauces used in the preparation must not be older than two days
  4. The shawarma should be stored at a temperature of four degrees Celsius
  5. The ingredients used must fit the quality standards required by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
  6. If the shawarma has chicken, the chicken must be cooked for 15 minutes, and if it contains beef, the beef must be boiled for 30 minutes
  7. The bread or kubboos should clearly mention a date of manufacture and expiry
  8. Anyone who sells shawarma violating these rules can be penalized with a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh and six months of imprisonment.

In India Rarely anybody thinks of Food hygiene but Incidents like these are Alarms for us.

Eat Safe! Be Safe!!

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