Nescafé Launches it’s First Soluble Coffee for Cold Drinks

Nescafé, the world’s favorite coffee brand, has launched Ice Roast, its first-ever soluble coffee specifically designed for cold consumption. With a growing number of people opting for cold coffee at home, Nescafé’s Ice Roast aims to meet the rising demand for café-style cold coffee experiences.

Currently, 15% of coffee consumed globally is cold, with younger generations, especially Generation Z, driving this trend. Nescafé’s Ice Roast is launching in China this month, with Mexico set to follow.


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Using 100% Robusta coffee beans, grown and produced sustainably, Nescafé’s coffee experts optimized the roasting profile to create a lightly roasted soluble coffee without any harsh or bitter notes. They also ensured that the extraction process produced a refreshing taste and clear appearance in the cup, while the coffee granule structure dissolves quickly and easily.

Damien Tissot, Head of Nestlé’s Product Technology Center Coffee, said, “Ice Roast unlocks new sensory territory with its smooth texture and cocoa notes. Our teams have created a new sensory experience in cold coffee by applying an innovative mindset.” 

Donald Howat, Global Category Lead for Nescafé, said, “Cold coffee is hot, with a new generation of coffee drinkers entering the category through the cold. We’re excited about this launch because Ice Roast gives them the opportunity to enjoy an even better cup of cold coffee at home and recreate their favorite drinks.”

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With over 6,000 cups of Nescafé consumed globally every second, the brand continues to innovate to offer people a wide variety of coffee experiences. Recent launches include Nescafé Black Roast, its most intense coffee ever, and Nescafé Roastery Collection, a super-premium soluble coffee. Nescafé Malty, an accessible 3-in-1 blend that balances Nescafé coffee with millet malt, is currently sold in Nigeria and is suited to local tastes. Right now it is present in China and Mexico soon it will be in India too.

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