India’s Food Processing Sector Expected to Reach $535 Billion by 2025-26

India’s Food Processing Sector is expected to Reach USD 535 Billion said Anita Praveen, Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing, highlighting the importance of research and development (R&D) in pushing the growth of India’s food processing sector. She emphasized that R&D is significant in elevating the industry to new heights.

Praveen spoke at the FICCI Scientific discussion on “Processed Foods for Purpose,” to underline this sector’s basic growth potential and priority status within India’s agricultural landscape.

“The food processing sector has been revealed as a key area for growth, having already achieved great levels of success with existing resources. Moving forward, the sector must prioritize research and development to elevate its performance to the next level,” she stated.

She highlighted the strategic benefits of the food processing industry, pointing out the adequate supply of raw materials at competitive prices and the increasing consumer demand both domestically and globally.

Praveen discussed the key importance of the food processing industry in interesting economic advancement and creating job prospects, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Food Processing stressed the importance of implementing complete waste management strategies at all stages of the food supply chain, from farm to fork, to address the urgent issue of food wastage. Additionally, she highlighted the necessity of advanced connections between small and large businesses to enhance quality and efficiency in supply chains.

India's Food Processing Sector

“It is important that the industry prioritizes consumer education and approves a balanced approach to this educational initiative. Consumers need to be informed about the products they are purchasing, and the industry has to ensure quality food production,” she underlined.

Praveen suggests enhanced collaboration between large and small businesses to increase exports, highlighting the importance of quality control and strong supply chains. She underlined the industry’s responsibility in educating consumers on food quality and safety, trying for transparency and awareness.

According to her, the Indian agricultural food system is bound by four key elements: production, consumption, ecology, and environment. With predictions pointing towards an upward path, it is expected that the output of India’s food processing sector will exceed USD 600 billion by the fiscal year 2025-26.


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