FDA suspended the License of Bakery in south Mumbai due to Hygiene Issues

FDA suspended the License of the well-known bakery Suleman Usman Mithaiwala on Mohammed Ali Road for failing to meet hygiene standards, improper disposal of waste food, and inadequate health checks for staff, among other restrictions.

The regulatory agency has directed the bakery to stop operations from April 2 to April 10.

According to FDA officials, degradation was first identified in January through online images uploaded by the restaurant on the Food Safety Compliance System (FosCos), a web portal managed by FSSAI for food licensing and registration. A physical inspection in February further revealed several breaks pointed out by the FDA.

Dr. Shailesh Adhao, the joint commissioner (food), brought attention to areas of partial compliance, such as the cleaning of equipment and premises according to the scheduled requirements.

FDA suspended the License

In addition, officials observed a lack of full observations of the periodic removal of food waste and identified insufficient lighting on the premises.

The lack of annual medical exams and vaccinations for food handlers against enteric diseases raised significant concerns. Additionally, there was only partial compliance in providing essential protective gear such as aprons, gloves, headgear, and shoe covers to food handlers.

Adhao mentioned that a food safety officer will be conducting an inspection on Saturday, and if the premises are found to be open in violation of the order, further action will be taken.


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