Blade Found in the Meal of a Passenger on an Air India Flight

A passenger, who boarded Air India flight AI 175 from Bengaluru to San Francisco on June 9th, recently reported discovering a metal blade in his meal.

Last week, Mathures Paul, a journalist, turned to social media to recount his troubled experience on an Air India AI 175 flight.

The food served by Air India had a dangerous surprise hidden within. While eating the roasted sweet potato and fig chaat, a metal piece resembling a blade was discovered.

Fortunately, no harm was caused, but the blame falls on Air India’s catering service. He stated that this incident has not improved my perception of Air India, along with a photo of the metal blade next to the food.

Mr. Paul highlighted the grave consequences of the mistake, considering the potential outcome if the meal had been served to a child. Imagine if the metal piece had ended up in a child’s food.

The first picture displays the metal piece that I evict, while the second picture depicts the meal before it introduced metal into my food, he further stated.

After the incident, Air India reached out to the passenger and presented a single business class ticket that could be used on any Air India flight within a year. Nevertheless, Mr. Paul refused the offer, considering it as a ‘bribe’.

Air India Flight, metal blade find in food

Air India has stated that the blade discovered in a passenger’s meal was from a vegetable chopping machine utilized by their catering vendor. Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Air India, informed news agency ANI that after conducting an investigation, they determined the foreign object originated from the vegetable processing machine at their catering partner’s facilities.

In response to Mr. Paul’s post on X, Air India expressed regret, stating, “Dear Mr. Paul, we apologize for the inconvenience. This does not align with our standards of service for our passengers. Please send us a direct message with your booking details and seat number. We will quickly investigate and resolve this issue.”


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