World Food Program and LCIF launch Joint Initiative to Support School Meals

The United Nations World Food Programme’s national school meals program in four countries will receive a $4 million improvement through a partnership between World Food Program USA and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF).

Both organizations will contribute $2 million each to this initiative, promoting a global collaboration of individuals dedicated to addressing global hunger.

School meal programs that are developed within the community have been proven to have a significant positive impact on children’s education, health, and nutrition. These programs benefit the students and the community as a whole by providing a safety net and enhancing local food systems and economies, By collaborating with local small-scale farmers.

These programs contribute to the growth of local economies and promote a more sustainable and inclusive food system. Additionally, these initiatives have extensive effects on gender equality, climate change, and overall sustainability.

Barron Segar, president and CEO of World Food Program USA, highlighted the significance of this investment for our shared future. He highlighted the current global food disaster affecting children the most.

With 153 million children worldwide suffering from severe malnutrition, it is critical to address this issue. By collaborating with the Lions Clubs International Foundation, the aim is to provide adequate nutrition to more children, enabling them and their communities to grow.

World Food Program, school mealWorld Food Program, school meal, LCIF

LCIF is a worldwide organization that links Lions Club’s big efforts with partners to expand their influence globally. The recently announced grant will aid school meal programs in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Ecuador.

By undertaking this project, the Foundation will assist in a large-scale generous effort spanning three expanses, focusing on the critical need for school-age children and improving the overall well-being of communities.

The U.N. World Food Programme is globally recognized as the leading organization in providing school meals. Through collaboration with communities, governments, and private sector partners, it tries to guarantee that every primary schoolchild has access to nutritious meals at school.

This initiative serves as a key and effective safety net for communities, as it not only increases enrolment rates but also enhances health, promotes gender equality, and strengthens local food markets.


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