Congress Criticizes the Kerala Government for Releasing the School’s Mid-Day Meal Scheme from Food Safety licensing Requirements.

On Tuesday, the Congress in Kerala called on the state government to reconsider its decision to release state-run schools from obtaining the food safety license for the mid-day meal scheme.

The Congress criticized the General Education Department’s order as “irresponsible and objectionable” for prohibiting quality inspections in schools for mid-day meals.

The opposition party raised objections by pointing out several recent incidents of food poisoning reported in state schools.

Leader of the Opposition V D Satheesan wrote a letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stating that a recent order clarified that children’s mid-day meal programs are not considered a business deal and therefore do not require a food safety license.

He highlighted the importance of ensuring the quality of food served to children under Section 3 of the Union Government’s Safe Food and Healthy Diet for School Children Regulation 2020.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme

In the letter, Satheesan emphasized that the state government has a constitutional duty to enforce the Central Food Security Act. Consequently, he considered the decision to neglect the Central law regarding children’s mid-day meals as unlawful.


Satheesan encouraged the chief minister to interfere and revoke the “illegal and detrimental” directive, while also ensuring that food safety regulations are upheld in the provision of mid-day meals to students.


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