Varun Beverages Enhance its Production Capacity for Juices and Dairy Beverages in 2024

Varun Beverages, a major bottler of PepsiCo products internationally, intends to prioritize expanding its production capacity in juices and value-added dairy products in 2024.

According to the company’s recently published 2023 annual report, establishing abundant new beverage manufacturing lines in 2023 was a turning point. These initiatives are essential for meeting the growing consumer demand and exploring new market prospects.

Varun Beverages is also focusing on improving its distribution network and chilling infrastructure to expand its reach in both current and new markets, as stated by Ravi Jaipuria, the company’s promoter, and Non-executive chairman, during the shareholder meeting.

Our expansion strategy for CY 2024 revolves around the basic aspects of enhancing our manufacturing facilities. Our primary objective is to align with the ever-changing consumer preferences and market trends. Specifically, we are dedicated to increasing our production capacities in the domain of juices and value-added dairy products, he said.

VBL, Varun Beverages Ltd

In 2023, the company’s operations cover six countries, with the Indian main three markets (India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal) accounting for 83% of its net revenues. The remaining 17% was contributed by three African countries: Morocco, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

VBL represents over 90% of PepsiCo’s beverage sales volume in India. According to them, the soft drink industry in India is set to experience significant expansion. This growth can be attributed to various factors including a young population, rapid urbanization, higher incomes, increased household outlay, advancements in rural areas, and improved access to electricity.

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In 2023, Varun Beverages, adhering to the financial year calendar, recorded a growth of 21.8% with net revenues amounting to Rs. 16,042.58 crore. Its well-established partnership with PepsiCo spans over three decades, and it is actively expanding its business by adding more licensed territories and sub-territories.

VBL currently serves more than 1.4 billion customers worldwide, with a significant portion of its revenue, 79 percent, coming from its operations in India.

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