Show Cause Notice Issue to Gurugram Cafe for Serving Customers ‘Dry Ice’

A show-cause notice has been issued to Laforestta Café cum restaurant in Gurugram after five customers fell ill from consuming dry ice instead of a mouth freshener.

The notice, issued by the Gurugram district Food Safety Officers, requires the café to respond within 15 days to justify why its license should not be suspended due to the incident.

Kindly submit a detailed inventory of food items served to customers on the mentioned day, along with an explanation of the circumstances leading to the incident. It has come to our attention that you are failing to adhere to the hygiene standards outlined in the FSS Act, and there has been a significant lapse in your responsibilities concerning food safety, as stated in the notice.

Show cause, Laforestta Café

On the evening of March 3rd, a group of five friends visited Laforestta Café. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up at the eatery, the mouth freshener mix they consumed contained dry ice. As a result, all of them experienced vomiting and mouth bleeding. One of the diners filed a complaint regarding this incident.

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On Monday, Gagandeep Singh (30), who had been a manager at the café for the past three months, was arrested by authorities.

A video of the incident, which has gone viral on social media, shows the five friends allegedly vomiting blood. Police said earlier that two out of the five individuals were still receiving medical treatment.

Dry ice is a form of solid carbon dioxide, that serves as a cooling agent that can be extremely harmful if consumed.

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