The News About FSSAI labeled Cow Urine Goes Viral on social media is Fake

PIB Fact Check has clarified in a post on X that the image circulating on WhatsApp, which claimed that India’s food safety regulator FSSAI labeled cow urine as a product being sold in the market, is fake.

The government-operated fact-checking unit, PIB Fact Check, has stated that FSSAI has not granted the product in question any license.

The Health Ministry issued a warning on its Whatsapp channel, alerting the public that false information is being spread on various WhatsApp and digital media platforms.

FSSAI has not provided a license number for the product. PIB Fact Check proved the claim circulating on social media, stating that cow urine marked by FSSAI is being sold in the market. This claim is fake as FSSAI has not issued any license for this product.

The Ayush Ministry of the Indian government provides a brief explanation of Panchgavya therapy, which involves the use of cow urine.

FSSAI labeled Cow Urine, Fake Alert

They state that cow urine is used as an ingredient in various Ayurvedic formulations and aids in medicinal preparations. It is employed for the purification and trituration of medicinal materials through a process called Shodhana and Bhavana.

However, in 2021, the National Library of Medicine issued a warning against the use of cow urine, emphasizing the need for public health authorities to raise awareness and address this cultural practice during public health emergencies.


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