The FDA and CDC have Recently Issued Warnings Regarding Food Safety

On May 24, 2024, the FDA issued a warning statement concerning Apricot Power products due to elevated levels of amygdalin detected in a DCLS analysis. The presence of this substance can potentially result in lethal cyanide toxicity if consumed.

Symptoms may vary from mild to moderate, including breathing difficulties and weakness, to severe indications such as seizures and coma.

The affected products are:

Apricot Power Bitter Apricot Seeds NGR FY24-015 (California Select) with a net weight of 8oz (227g)

Apricot Power Seeds Bitter Apricot Seeds NGR FY24-016 (Organic Turkish Select) with a net weight of 8oz (227g)

Apricot Power Seeds Bitter Apricot Seeds NGR FY24-017 (South African Select) with a net weight of 16oz (454g)

Consumers should stop using and discard these products right away. If consumed, individuals should seek medical help immediately, even if no symptoms are present.

FDA Warnings Regarding Food Safety

Apricot Power has chosen not to recall its products, despite receiving a notification and concerns from the FDA. The FDA is currently conducting an investigation and will share updates as required. In the meantime, consumers are advised to stay alert for any negative effects and are encouraged to report any concerns they may have to the FDA.

This Amygdalin is a natural cyanogenic glycoside present in the seeds of some edible plants. It has garnered attention in the medical field for its potential anticancer effects. However, when broken down by enzymes, amygdalin can become toxic and produce hydrogen cyanide. Excessive consumption of amygdalin can lead to cyanide poisoning.


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