Telangana Govt to Take Strict Action Against any Adulterated Food Found

Damodara Raja Narasimha, the Minister of Health, Medical & Family Welfare in Telangana, declared that severe measures will be implemented against people responsible for producing adulterated food.

During a meeting with hoteliers and food safety officials on Tuesday, he highlighted the importance of social responsibility for hotel owners. He also underscored the need to improve Hyderabad’s brand image as the culinary hub of India.

The minister spoke at a meeting hosted by the Telangana Government’s Commissioner of Food Safety at Dr B R Ambedkar’s Secretariat, addressing members from various associations including the Telangana State Hotels Association, National Restaurants Association, Oil Merchants Association, Bar and Restaurants, Indian Dairy Milk Products Association, Telangana Packaged Drinking Water Association, Telangana Roller Flour Millers, Bakery and Ice Creams Associations.

Adulterated Food, Telangana Govt Take Strict Action

He indicated the importance of providing high-quality food to the public and encouraged the associations to prioritize this goal.

The minister emphasized that Hyderabadi Biryani has gained international recognition since the Nizam era. Additionally, he mentioned the ongoing development of Hyderabad as a medical tourism hub and stressed the efforts to strengthen the city’s reputation as the culinary capital of India. Hotel owners need to verify high standards of food quality.


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