Spoiled beef is sized in Tamil Nadu

FDA officials seized 495 kg of spoiled beef from a meat shop in Tuticorin city on Wednesday, 9 Aug 2023.

FDA officials have seized 495 kg of spoiled beef from a meat shop located in Tuticorin city. The action was taken following instructions from Dr. S Mariappan, the district designated officer for Food Safety and Drug Administration. Kalimuthu, the food safety officer of Tuticorin City Corporation zone 2, conducted an inspection at Guru Meat Shop in the Anna Nagar area, as directed by Dr. Mariappan.

During the inspection, it was discovered that the meat shop owner had not obtained the necessary FSSAI certification for the establishment. Further investigation by the officials revealed that approximately 495 kg of beef, which had been stored in a freezer, had deteriorated due to inadequate temperature maintenance.

The spoiled beef was confiscated by the officials and subsequently taken to a designated garbage yard belonging to the corporation. Proper sanitation measures, including the use of chemicals, were employed before burying the beef. A notice was issued to the meat shop, prohibiting the sale of any meat products until the required FSSAI certification is obtained.

Dr. Mariappan stated that an ongoing investigation is being conducted, and legal proceedings will be initiated against the meat trader. The official stressed the importance of using certified abattoirs within the city for the butchering of animals and ensuring the sale of meat under hygienic conditions.

Selling meat without proper FSSAI certification and distributing spoiled meat are both considered punishable offenses. Those found guilty could face imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh.

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Customers were advised to verify whether a meat shop possesses FSSAI registration. If concerns arise regarding meat quality and shop hygiene, individuals have the option to lodge complaints with the state food safety department through various channels, including the phone number 9444042322, the website foodsafety.tn.gov.in, or the dedicated mobile app.

Source: Times of India

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