NIT Course on Plant Protein – FREE 5 Days Workshop

NIT Course – 5 Days workshop on Plant Protein – Role of cutting-edge technologies on the modification of plant proteins techno-functionalities and applications in food sectors. The workshop is sponsored by SERB in the Department of food process engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela.

Duration : 3rd July 2023 – 7th July 2023
Fee : Zero
Seats : 25
Location : NIT Rourkela

Course Objective 

Proteins are essential dietary components and have a significant effect on food quality. Proteins may be used to enhance the nutritional, textural and other qualities of food products. In recent years, the development of protein-rich foods has received a lot of attention. Furthermore, plant proteins derived from sources like pulses offer other advantages that appeal to consumers over animal proteins.

Plant proteins have a well-balanced amino acid content and bioavailability and are derived from agricultural crops, which might help to address global nutritional, environmental, and food security problems. But to enhance plant protein utilization and applications basic knowledge about plant proteins is of utmost importance. Overall, the course will provide comprehensive details about the basic concept of plant protein chemistry, extraction, techniques involved in the analysis of proteins and chemical, functional and structural properties of different proteins.

Different advance thermal and non-thermal processing technologies can affect the structure of proteins, and thus their solubility as well as their functional properties. The course highlights the opportunities and challenges involved with these technologies in relation to protein functionality and structure.

Who can apply

Faculty, Research scholars, PG Scholars, participants from Government, and Industry who are actively engaged in food processing sector. This workshop will be best suited for food & agricultural engineering/science researchers and those who are working in the food and allied industries.

Workshop Outcome

The audience will get the opportunity of interacting with inspiring and successful professionals working in different sectors of the food process industry and academia. This will provide a platform where scientists, scholars, academicians, and business people will also get an opportunity of increasing
their network.

Young students and scholars working or aspiring to work in the industry and academia will get information about what are the different opportunities available and challenges for the future of this field. It will be a collaborative, experiential, and outcome-based teaching and learning experience for the participant through live sessions, discussions and practical demonstrations.

Course Content

  1. Proteins scenario in India: Alternative, major and underutilized plant proteins sources; proteins blending; nutritional status; guidelines by FAO and FSSAI.
  2. Proteins structure: basic concept, properties, estimation of protein.
  3. Proteins extraction and estimation techniques and effect of ultrasonication/ microwave in protein extraction.
  4. Rheology and pasting properties of plant proteins and Characterization of proteins (FTIR/DSC/XRD)
  5. Proteins interaction with other biomolecules and effect of processing on proteins properties.
  6. Enzymatic and chemical modifications of plant proteins
  7. Application of cold plasma treatment on the functionality of protein-based food ingredients
  8. Protein-Based 3D Biofabrication of Biomaterials
  9. Novel plant-based food ingredient development using high-pressure homogenisation technology
  10. Irradiation effects on proteins functionality and applications
  11. Plant based foods (Beverages and meat analogue) and technological challenges.
  12. Proteins functionality in bakery products, regulatory aspects and technological issues
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Training for equipment/analysis

  1. Protein analysis
  2. FTIR analysis of protein rich flour
  3. Rheology of protein rich flour
  4. Cold plasma treatment of protein rich flour
  5. Microwave and Ultrasonicator effect on protein extraction

Organizing Committee

Prof. K. Umamaheshwar Rao
Director, National Institute of Technology Rourkela

Dr. Rachna Sehrawat
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Food Process Engineering
(E-mail:; Ph. No. 8059190123)

Dr. Winny Routray
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Food Process Engineering
(E-mail:; Ph. No. 7008195656)

Student Coordinators
Ankan Kheto, PhD Scholar
(Email:; Ph. No. 9932155209)

Student Coordinators
Ram Prasad, PhD Scholar
(Email:; Ph. No. 9728418745)

Registration Link  

Only 25 participants will be selected as per the scheme. Apply Now.


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