Mother Dairy to Invest Rs 750 Crore for New Fruit Processing Plant

Mother Dairy has announced plans to assign a substantial value of Rs 650 crore towards establishing two additional processing plants that will serve the growing consumer demand for milk, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, Mother Dairy, a leading milk supplier in Delhi NCR, will invest an additional 100 crore to enhance the capacities of existing facilities.

Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetables Pvt Ltd MD Manish Bandlish informed PTI that the company has allocated more than Rs 750 crore for capital expenditure (Capex) to improve dairy and Fruits and Vegetable processing capabilities as strategic locations as a part of our efforts to broaden distribution and connect with our customers.

Mother Dairy Plans to establish a large dairy facility in Nagpur, Maharashtra, with an approximate investment of Rs 525 crore. This greenfield plant will have a processing capability of 6 lakh liters of milk per day, potentially expanding it to 10 lakh liters daily.

Mother Dairy, Milk Processing Units

Bandlish mentioned that they also plan to establish a new fruit-processing plant in Karnataka under their safal brand, with an investment exceeding Rs 125 crore.  The completion of these two plants is expected within time approximately two years.

Bandlish stated that apart from newly established greenfield plants, we are also enhancing our capabilities in our current facilities by investing approximately Rs 100 Crore.

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Currently, Mother Dairy operates nine company-owned processing plants, dedicated to dairy production, with a combined milk processing capacity exceeding 50 lakh liters per day. Furthermore, the company also conducts processing operations at third-party facilities.

The company operates four plants for horticulture (Fruits & Vegetables) segments and utilizes 15 associated plants for the production of edible oil.

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