McDonald replaced cheese with cheaper vegetable oil, license suspended.

Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspended license of McDonald’s outlet at Kedgaon branch in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

FDA Commissioner Abhimanyu Kale told Times of India, “During inspection, our officers did not find any mention of cheese analogues anywhere. Items like ‘cheese nuggets,’ ‘cheesy dip,’ and ‘cheeseburger’ were being labelled as such without indicating that the cheese was a substitute.”

Cheese analogues is a alternatives designed to replicate the taste, texture, and functionality of traditional dairy cheese. Cheese analogues is cost effective than traditional dairy cheese.

The FDA has suspended the license of the outlet, prompting McDonald’s to rename various dishes by replacing the word “cheese.”

McDonald’s removes “cheese” from product names at the location but denies using substitutes across the state. Cheese substitutes, also known as analogues, aim to mimic real cheese but use cheaper ingredients like vegetable oil. FDA alleges McDonald’s failed to disclose substitute usage on labels and menus, misleading customers. Commissioner Abhimanyu Kale emphasizes potential health implications and consumer rights concerns.

FDA commissioner highlights the need for clear labeling and displaying nutritional information on menus and boards.


McDonald replaced cheese with cheaper vegetable oil, license suspended.


FDA plans to investigate other fast food chains for similar practices.

Chain claims they only use real cheese and denies using substitutes. Company renames affected products in some outlets but maintains cheese usage. McDonald’s India spokesperson assures customers and clarifies their position.

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