Food Sensory Executive Job

IFF is offering Food Sensory Executive Job at Mumbai to the food technologist having minimum 1 year of work experience.


As the Creative Assistant, you will be responsible for maintaining receipt of formulas and verification in the local stock of existence of relevant raw materials as well as perform confirmation of the existence of raw material.

You will develop labels, batch number assignments, and subsequent deliveris to the relevant evaluaors, administer samples, and request new ingredients to keep the raw materials of the creative catalog.

To be successful in this position, you have a BS degree in Chemistry or other related field with at least 1  year of experience in laboratory work demonstrating strong technical and numeracy skills.

You must be able to closely ollow complex formulations and accurately weigh small quantites of ingredients by showing excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize.

Major Responsibilities are given by

  • Receipt of formulas and verification in the local stock of the existence of relevant raw materials.
  • Perform confirmation of the existence of raw materials
  • Weighing and filling out the form entitled: “Control and monitoring weighing formulas”.
  • Development of the label, batch number assignment and subsequent delivery to the relevant evaluators.
  • Administration of samples weighing on the bank of withholding. MAINTENANCE STOCK OF RAW MATERIALS
  • Control and verification of the minimum stock of raw materials.
  • Request exhausted the creative centers of Mexico.
  • Request for new ingredients to keep the raw materials of creative catalog.
  • Upon receipt of raw materials entering them into the database of the local lab sample collection.
  • Check the amounts received vs. those requested and report inconsistencies eventualities or Mexico.
  • Perform olfactory received product verification to ensure correspondence with the specifications
  • Administration and control of premiums and special use substances in Colombia materials.
  • Fill out form substance use special handling in Colombia.

Required Skills

  • Ability to closely follow complex formulations and accurately weigh small quantities of ingredients.
  • Good organizational skills and ability to prioritise, plan and manage time effectively.
  • Strong technical and numeracy skills.
  • Capable communicator, both written and verbal. English language skills are, both written and spoken, are essential.
  • Computer literacy, especially Microsoft Office programs.
  • Able to work independently as well as part of a team.

Required Experience 

  • Major in Chemistry, or Technology in Flavor and Fragrance
  • At least 1 year Laboratory work experience
  • Knowledge of GLP, food safety, raw materials, food regulations and production processes is an advantage
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24 February 2024

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