Jaipur DMart Store: Authorities Seize 450 Litres of Adulterated ghee

The Rajasthan food safety department seizes approximately 450 liters of Adulterated ghee from a DMart store in Jaipur following a customer’s complaint regarding the quality of ProVedic Ghee.

According to a report by Bal Virendra Singh Shekhawat for NDTV Rajasthan, the area sales manager of DMart in Jaipur has been instructed to inventory the stock of ProVedic Ghee and Saras Ghee in all stores and warehouses, and to avoid selling it until further notice.

A preliminary investigation on Thursday revealed that approximately 450 liters of ghee stored in the supermarket in Malviya Nagar was found to be adulterated, according to the report.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the pro vedic ghee being sold was of inferior quality. Numerous boxes of Saras Ghee with identical batch numbers and series were found.

Adulterated ghee, Seized in D mart

The quality control manager and analyst from Saras Dairy were sent, and an inquiry was initiated. Subsequently, it was determined during the investigation that the ghee had been adulterated.

After conducting additional inquiries, it was discovered that Khandelwal & Company had been distributing contaminated ghee to multiple stores in Jaipur for an extended period.

The company had been procuring seized ghee from a small-scale production facility located on the limits of the city. The food safety team conducted a raid on the unit and arrested the owner.

The top priority for us is the health of the people, and we will not tolerate any adulteration of food products, stated Iqbal Khan, the food safety commissioner.


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