Britannia Industries is Set to Shut Down its Taratala Factory

The Taratala factory, the second-oldest factory of Britannia Industries in India after the one in Mumbai, is scheduled to close down.

Established in 1947, the company has informed stock exchanges that all employees at the Taratala factory have been provided and agreed to voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) packages.

After the closure of Britannia’s previous factories in Mumbai and Chennai, the Taratala unit was established on 11 acres of rented land owned by Kolkata port.

Port sources have confirmed that the rent agreement was recently renewed in 2018 for 30 years, extending until 2048.

According to a reliable source within the company, the shutdown of this unit employing 150 workers is not expected to have a substantial effect on the company or the state’s revenue. Reports indicate that the factory’s production had become economically unfeasible due to its outdated infrastructure.

Britannia Industries, Shut Down its Taratala Factory

According to a source from the port trust, Britannia is currently prioritizing the closure of older, less efficient factories located near city centers.

Instead, they are aiming to establish modern facilities with increased production capacities. However, the plans for the Taratala land are still uncertain, as the company has a lease on the property for the next 24 years.

In addition to Taratala, Britannia runs a contract manufacturing facility close to Dankuni. The Taratala plant is a central location for manufacturing, planning, logistics, and sales activities in the eastern region.

During the company’s AGM in Kolkata in 2018, Britannia chairman Nusli Wadia revealed plans to invest Rs 300–350 crore in a new facility in Bengal, marking the company’s significant investment in the state after a considerable period.


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