Irish Food Tech Company Senoptica Receives Approval from FDA

Irish Food Tech Company Senoptica has received approval from the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) to enter the market.

The company, headquartered at Trinity College, has developed unique sensor technology and recently concluded successful trials with a major UK retailer.

This technology effectively monitors oxygen levels in modified atmosphere (MAP) food packaging, allowing food manufacturers to detect spoiled products before they reach the store counter. To extend the shelf life of freshly packaged food by up to 40%, the company aims to significantly reduce food waste on a large scale.

Following the approval from the FDA, Senoptica is confident to expand its operations in the UK and conduct retail trials of its innovative technology throughout the United States. The company’s innovative solution utilizes optical sensors set in their developed food-safe ink, which is combined into packaging.

This condition, real-time monitoring of oxygen levels within the packaging, provides valuable awareness of the freshness of the products and protection identifies potential spoilage.

Irish Food Tech Company Senoptica

This technology empowers manufacturers to instantly detect and correct defective food packages, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness across the entire food supply chain. For retailers and consumers, it translates to significant savings in both time and money, potentially transforming the concept of best-before dates.

Senoptica aims to decrease food wastage by 11 million tonnes per year, equal to 240 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Established in 2018 by Brendan Rice, Dr. Steve Comby, and Dr. Rachel Evans, the company is committed to making a significant impact on sustainability efforts.

Irish Food Tech Company Senoptica

Brendan Rice, CEO of Senoptica Technologies, expressed satisfaction in obtaining FDA approval for expansion into the US market. The company aims to support advanced technology to enhance food supply chain responsibility and reduce food waste in collaboration with manufacturers and retail partners.

Senoptica’s technology significantly increases the chances of detecting damaged packs, bettering the current industry standard by up to 11,000 times. Through our innovative solution, we aspire to transform the food supply chain by promoting greater awareness and efficiency in the battle against food spoilage.


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