Turn your idea into reality in 6 months with Nestle India Nespreneur program

Idea into reality by Nestle India. They are Calling out all Indian young aspiring entrepreneurs or students who aim to be entrepreneurs and want to disrupt the Food & Beverage industry with their innovative idea!

Go from Idea to Shop in six months

Here is your chance to give a head start to your entrepreneurial journey and take your idea to shop in 6 months through “Nespreneur”, a gateway to our R+D Accelerator India.

The residence program will start from July 2022 onwards and is open to all young Indian aspiring entrepreneurs!

⚠️ Application deadline : 10 June 2022

Access to Nestlé expertise

  1. Tap into Global Innovation Network

    1. 12 Accelerators that nurture the global Nestlé innovation network
    2. 3,500 people in the R&D expert network across functions such as design, packaging, innovation, regulatory, legal, etc.
  2. Build your MVP with Access to Nestlé Facilities

    1. Prototype kitchen with resident chefs
    2. Bench scale and Pilot Plant with resident technologists
    3. Biochemical and Analytical Labs with resident scientists
    4. Inspiring environment connecting entrepreneurs and experts (so much more than a coworking space!)
  3. Define Route to Market with Nestlé Experts

    1. Develop and test products in 6 months in real market conditions
    2. Access to the market for learning with consumers
    3. Dedicated budget to cover operational expenses

What is this program?

The R+D Accelerator is an open-innovation program aimed at empowering entrepreneurs to bring food & beverage innovations to life. We invite any internal & external innovators who are passionate about food, to come together and work on disruptive products; test them with consumers; and bring them from idea to a shop shelf. And all in just 6 months!

The R+D Accelerator program is powered by Nestlé R&D (Research & Development), with the aim of bringing together the latest scientific discoveries, advances in technology and consumer “needs and wants”. It is present globally to reach all consumers, but with a specific focus on certain product categories or geographies.

The R+D Accelerator enables the development of next-level solutions across the full range of Nestlé’s business categories and beyond. We want to bring pleasure, enhance quality of life, and contribute to a healthier future.

What program offers

Nestlé is the biggest food & beverage company in the world. The Accelerator program is powered by Nestlé R&D and provides full access to our infrastructure; the expertise of our scientists and engineers, who are skilled in all food science & technology areas; plus, coaching and mentorship. Program participants will also receive a co-development fund for each innovation idea that is successfully selected. During the program, entrepreneurs have a chance to connect with and be guided by leaders, potentially opening-up additional opportunities for the future.

Application process and joining process

Everyone is welcome! Any internal or external entrepreneur who is passionate about innovation, and who loves the art and magic behind food & beverage can join the R+D Accelerator program.

You could be a Nestlé employee or an external entrepreneur; a student or a graduate; a startup with an innovative idea to bring to life, or someone who wants to grow their entrepreneurial skills. You must simply be over 18 years old. Plus, you will need to complete one of the two submission forms: “Apply for a challenge” or “Join a venture”. Submission proposals should be written in English, as English will remain the main working language for all communications on the program.

Idea selection

Idea submissions are reviewed by a selection committee composed of management from Nestlé’s R&D and business units. All committee members are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship.

What happens after completing 6 months?

Upon completion of the project and once your idea has been brought to life via shop testing, if you are an external participant, Nestle will follow conditions pre-agreed under the assignment contract when you joined the Accelerator program. Nestlé may also open a dialogue on extension of IP rights and start negotiating licensing on the designed solution.

If you are a Nestlé employee, as per your mission contract, you will return to the job you had before joining the Accelerator program, unless other career plans were made in your personal development plan.

For both internal and external candidates, Accelerator program experience may open-up further discussions around career opportunities at Nestlé upon successful completion of the program.

Join program without having innovative idea

Nestle welcome any motivated candidates with a pioneering spirit, desire to develop entrepreneurial skills and a readiness to shape the future of food by developing disruptive solutions. Candidates must be ready to dedicate up to 80-100% of their working time to the Accelerator program for 6 months.  Simply select “Join a venture” (rather than “Apply to a challenge”) when applying.

Selected candidates will be invited to work on a project at one of our Accelerator locations and will join a team of 3 to 5 people that might include students, graduates, start-uppers, or Nestlé employees. We believe that the best results come from the complementary skills of different candidates.


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