FAO and Mars Extend Partnership to Enhance Food Safety

FAO and Mars Extend Partnership to enhance worldwide understanding and implementation of the Codex Alimentarius international standards for food safety.

This agreement was organized by direct a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Maximo Torero, FAO’s Chief Economist, and Abigail Stevenson, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer for Mars.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Mars Inc. collaborate to improve mycotoxin management in maize value chains by utilizing modeling techniques. This partnership will also enhance the exchange of information on emerging food safety risks, technologies, and trends.

Torero highlighted the growing significance of strong scientific support for food safety decisions and effective collaboration between public and private organizations to guarantee sustainable and strong agri-food systems.

The collaboration between Mars and FAO was initiated in 2015, focusing on exchanging knowledge and information to enhance science-based decision-making and sustain food safety through capacity development.

FAO and Mars Extend PartnershipFAO and Mars Extend Partnership

FAO and Mars have fixed goals in promoting food safety and security through capacity building, information-sharing, and innovative, science-based approaches. Their constant partnership has included collaboration on initiatives such as addressing antimicrobial resistance in the food supply chain.

Stevenson expressed that the current situation presents a valuable chance to spread our technical knowledge and scientific experience in mycotoxin management, as well as to create academic works that contribute to the promotion of food safety for all.

The collaboration with Mars is expected to enhance FAO’s capabilities in early warning, risk reduction, and health risk management, encouraging a sense of calmness within the business community.


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