Innovation : Coffeeless coffee (Molecular Coffee)

We heard about ‘meatless meat’, ‘eggless egg’ and ‘milkless milk’ but now you must know about coffeeless coffee.

As everyone knows demands for coffee are increasing rapidly but the land is limited so farmers are cutting the forest, and demounting the land for increasing crop production. 

To solve this problem Seattle based company Atomo Coffee Inc. created coffeeless coffee. Basically, they manufacture  ‘molecular coffee’.

Automo coffee in market

How molecular coffee is made?

It is made with sunflower seed husks and watermelon seeds that undergo a patented chemical process which produces a molecule that has very similar aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and color to real coffee.

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Even if they do not use original coffee beans still their product contains caffeine.

You may be surprised that – they are not using synthetic ingredients, all ingredients are plant based.

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