After a Blade was Found in an Air India Meal, TajSATS Receives an Improvement Notice from FSSAI

On Thursday, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India issued an improvement notice to TajSATS, a flight catering company, after a passenger discovered a blade-like object in a meal served on an Air India flight from Bengaluru to San Francisco.

The incident took place on June 9, reminding an inspection by the FSSAI at TajSATS Bengaluru, the supplier of the food item.

In response to inquiries from businessline, the FSSAI stated that an inspection was conducted by the Airport Health Officer at TajSATS Bengaluru, located at Kempegowda International Airport, where the food item was supplied. TajSATS Bengaluru falls under the jurisdiction of APHO, Bangalore, which has granted it the necessary license.

The CEO of FSSAI, Kamala Vardhana Rao, has confirmed that during an inspection, a blade from an automatic vegetable cutter was found lodged in a vegetable piece at a catering facility. This discovery has raised concerns about food safety protocols.

As a result, TajSATS has been given a 15-day period to address and correct the identified deficiencies under the Food Safety and Standards Act, of 2006.

Improvement Notice, TajSATS

The FSSAI’s statement also mentioned that further actions are being taken, including the installation of an X-ray machine to detect metal pieces in food items at the facility where food is packed in metallic foil or packaging with metallic components. Additionally, it has been mandated that manual chopping of vegetables must be done until this system is put in place.

Earlier this week, TajSATS issued a statement expressing regret for the unfortunate incident. The company emphasized its dedication to confirming the highest food safety standards and announced enhancements to its inspection and maintenance processes for all production equipment.

The occurrence highlights the urgent requirement for strict food safety protocols in the airline catering sector. It highlights the significance of ongoing supervision by regulatory authorities such as FSSAI to protect the well-being of passengers and ensure adherence to established food safety regulations.


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