UP Bans Halal Certified Food and Medicinal Products With Immediate Effect

Uttar Pradesh (UP) has decided to Bans Halal Certified Food and Medicinal Products With Immediate Effect. Hazratganj-based businessman, Shailendra Kumar Sharma lodged an FIR against eight agencies issuing ‘forged’ Halal certificates to a range of products. FIR said that the said companies allegedly issued forged halal certificates to various companies for financial gains, fostering not only social animosity but also violating public trust.

Uttar Pradesh has decided to stop the sale of products labeled as halal immediately. The government believes that the parallel system of halal certification for food creates confusion about the quality of the products. The ban applies to the production, storage, distribution, and sale of such certified food items within the state. However, products meant for export are exempt from these restrictions.

The government warns of strict legal actions against individuals or businesses involved in the production, storage, distribution, buying, and selling of halal-certified medicines, medical devices, and cosmetics in Uttar Pradesh.

The order argues that the halal certification system creates confusion and is not acceptable under Section 89 of the Food Safety and Standards Act. It emphasizes that only authorities mentioned in Section 29 of the Act have the right to decide the quality of food items based on relevant standards.

The decision follows a police case against a company and other organizations accused of exploiting religious sentiments to boost sales through fake halal certificates. The government claims that these entities issued forged certificates, leading to a large-scale conspiracy to decrease the sales of products without halal certification.

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In response, some organizations deny the allegations, calling them baseless and stating their intent to take legal measures to counter the misinformation.

Halal certification ensures that food is prepared according to Islamic law and is free from prohibited components. It is used for various products like dairy items, sugar bakery products, peppermint oil, ready-to-eat savories, and edible oils. The ban does not apply to products intended for export.

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