FOOD POISONING | 43 Eateries Shut down after a Nurse’s Death

Food hygiene is so taken so lightly in countries like India at the local level. But Incidents like this are an alarm for being serious in matters of Food Hygiene.

A nurse Died after eating Contaminated food in Thiruvananthapuram.

😔 About the Demise

Thiruvananthapuram native Rasmi Raj a 33-year-old Nurse who worked in Kottayam Medical College Hospital died due to alleged food poisoning.

She had consumed a chicken dish from a restaurant in Samkranthy in Kottayam on December 29 and was hospitalized the following day. DYFI activists protesting the nurse’s death vandalized the eatery,

🚔 Action Taken

A total of 429 shops were inspected on the day,

  • 43 were asked to down shutters
  • 22 for operating in unhygienic conditions and
  • 21 for not having a food license.

The officials served notices on 138 shops for not maintaining basic standards. Samples from 44 shops were collected for further testing.

In Thiruvananthapuram-Kerala a nurse Died due to FOOD POISONING, many Restaurants and Eateries are not maintaining proper hygiene.

Health Minister Veena George said the stringent inspections will continue.

The food safety department had conducted ‘Operation Holiday’, a special drive, during the holidays. Fresh directions were issued to conduct inspections when cases were reported after the holidays. Strict action will be taken against shop owners operating without a license or registration.

Shops, even licensed ones, that serve food in unhygienic conditions will face action. Serving expired or adulterated food is a criminal offense.

The minister also called for proper intervention by food handlers, shop owners and distributors as the issue concerns the health and life of the people.

🕵️ Inspection

The food safety department had inspected 5,864 eateries during the special drive in nearly a week between Christmas and New Year. Of the shops, 26 were asked to cease operations. As many as 802 shops were served notices, for improving standards. Besides, 337 statutory samples and 540 surveillance samples were collected during the drive.

📇 A Complaint Portal

The food safety department is planning to start a website where the public can submit their complaints related to bad food. The portal will have the option of uploading pictures and videos along with the complaint.

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