The license of Sakura Buffet in Singapore has been Cancelled due to Concerns Regarding Food Safety

According to a news release from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Saturday (May 11), Sakura Buffet, a supplier of food to twelve online businesses, had its license canceled due to concerns regarding food safety.

According to the agency, it has been reported that beginning in late March 2024, feedback regarding food safety issues has been received regarding home-delivery catered meals offered by five online businesses. The concerns raised surround problems like undercooked and spoiled food, as well as the presence of foreign objects such as hair and insects in the food.

The SFA discovered that the web-based businesses were sourcing their food from Sakura Buffet, a catering service licensed by the agency. Additionally, seven other similar businesses were found to have connections with Sakura Buffet.

From March to May, SFA inspected Sakura Buffet’s location in Geylang Bahru and discovered multiple food safety violations. These violations included a lack of cleanliness in the premises and inaccurate time-stamping on packaged food, according to SFA.

Concerns Regarding Food Safety, Sakura Buffet

SFA reported that Sakura Buffet had faced enforcement measures on four different occasions, spanning from November 2023 to April 2024, due to multiple instances of food safety and hygiene violations. Despite these interventions, the company remained unhelpful and did not show any signs of improvement.

To safeguard consumers from any additional food safety contraventions, SFA canceled Sakura Buffet’s license on Friday. Consequently, the establishment is no longer permitted to operate at its authorized location.

Ongoing investigations are being conducted into the cases reported to SFA. Customers are advised by SFA to hold back from placing orders with the twelve businesses associated with Sakura Buffet as a safety measure.


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