Senior Production Manager Job Vacancy in McCain Foods

McCain Foods Service Solutions plays an important role in the operations, distributing tasty food to various locations where people can savor it. This includes pubs, fast food or quick-service restaurants (QSRs), delis, convenience stores, and caterers.

Vacancy Details

Position Name – Senior Production Manager

Company Name – McCain Foods

Department – Production

Experience – Min 10 Years

Global Pay Band  – 6

Global Benchmark Job – Yes


Candidates must possess a B Tech/M Tech degree and have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.


The objective is to effectively oversee and supervise the operations of the production department at the Mehsana site.

This includes processing potatoes into French fries and other specialty products, ensuring efficient packaging, and maintaining hygiene throughout the entire plant.

Culture of McCain Foods India Pty Ltd

  • It is essential to embrace and verify the organization’s policies and procedures in the workplace.
  • This includes prioritizing Safety, Quality, Cost, and Delivery to meet the highest corporate standards.


  • Back the decisions of the management team and ensure that all promises are verified.
  • Stimulate a positive and encouraging attitude that inspires confidence in others.
  • Collaborate with the management team to outline the company’s direction during times of change and identify the necessary steps to achieve the vision.
  • Take part in the Crisis Management Team and Food Defense Team.

Quality of Product

Make sure all employees under your supervision see their duties regarding First Time Quality and the importance of upholding cleanliness, sanitation, and the organization’s GMP standards.


  • Take part in the continuous enhancement of McCain Foods Safety Plans and actively support their implementation at the Plant Mehsana.
  • Monitor reports to ensure that all safety and environmental procedures are being followed to reduce TIR, including personal check reviews, periodic safety inspections, housekeeping checks, and internal audits.
  • Encourage a culture that promotes Behavioral Observation Safety within the department.

Continuous Improvement

Understand and boost the concept of continuous quality improvement within the organization, which involves backing quality audits, taking the initiative to enhance one’s area of responsibility, and engaging in regular discussions about improvement opportunities with direct reports and other relevant individuals.

Plant Production

  • Daily, review all processed and packed products to ensure they meet company quality standards and customer requirements.
  • Measure the percentage of First Time Quality and reworked products compared to historical data.
  • Conduct team meetings or improvement events to support HACCP and GMP organizational requirements.
  • Measure the number of improvement team events and their outcomes.
  • Monitor the quality and volume of raw materials received and continuously work on improving them.
  • Develop and implement effective investigation procedures for equipment faults and ensure appropriate documentation is completed.
  • Measure performance based on cost statements related to production, such as rate and recovery.
  • Provide the maintenance team with access to effectively repair and perform preventative maintenance activities.
  • Identify equipment faults and complete necessary documentation.
  • Measure improvements in downtime percentage.
  • Ensure departmental training is taking place to achieve safe and efficient operator performance.
  • Measure compliance with KEQ and KES Training component of Audit requirements.

People Management

  • To improve teamwork, motivation, leadership, and job-specific knowledge, it is important to identify personal goals and individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop the capabilities of the team and its members.
  • Performance can be measured using organizational tools such as the Performance Evaluation Program (PEP).
  • To promote open, positive, and constructive communication, it is essential to adhere to McCain Foods Code of Conduct behaviors and provide support to all personnel in the production department.
  • This support should be provided on a routine basis, as well as during monthly and annual reviews.
  • The effectiveness of this communication can be measured by the quick response and implementation of corrective actions, as well as ensuring that all production personnel meet the required targets.
  • To enhance engagement and motivation among production personnel, a monthly recognition program can be implemented during the monthly review meetings.
  • This program aims to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the production team.

McCain Foods, Senior Production Manager

Financial Management

  • Establish and implement a strong financial management strategy for the annual budget of the production department, ensuring adherence to all financial policies, audit regulations, and reporting standards.
  • Collaborate with the Plant Manager to establish and achieve all production department Specific Cost Accounts (SCA).
  • Submit written justifications as needed at the end of each month and fiscal year, detailing any discrepancies.
  • Propose and advocate for capital projects for consideration.
  • Offer assistance for projects by identifying cost savings, benefits, and enhancements to safety and plant efficiency.

Management Reporting

Deliver quick and precise reports and briefing notes to the Plant Manager and management team as per specified deadlines, and as needed to relevant individuals.

Required Skills

Strong communication skills, collaborating with a diverse range of individuals both within and outside the organization, with the ability to provide training to others.

Proficient in implementing strategic corporate initiatives within an operational setting, including developing policies, frameworks, projects, and communication plans.

Skilled in analyzing complex problems and utilizing a customer-focused approach to problem-solving.

Capable of building and maintaining strong internal relationships as a business partner.

Effective at prioritizing tasks and meeting tight deadlines.

Experienced in managing budgets.

Excellent oral and written communication skills, including report writing and presentations.

Proficient in auditing processes for compliance with legislation and policies.

Comfortable with complexity, contradiction, and change.

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Implementation of HACCP in the Food Industry.

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