Netflix launches ‘Now Popping’ Snacks in Collaboration with Popcorn Indiana

Netflix has expanded beyond just streaming content – now you can also enjoy their own brand of popcorn. The company recently revealed that they are now selling their own popcorn, encouraging viewers to delight in a bag while watching their favorite shows from the comfort of their couch.

Netflix is expanding its presence beyond the domain of OTT by venturing into the physical world. In addition to launching experiential venues, the company is now offering its own brand of ready-to-eat popcorn at a price of $4.50 per bag.

Netflix is partnering with Popcorn Indiana, a popcorn company, to introduce a fresh range of snacks called Netflix’s Now Popping.

These delicious treats come in two flavors: ‘Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle’ and ‘Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle.’ You can find Netflix Now Popping exclusively at Walmart stores across the United States.

Netflix is expanding beyond streaming by entering the snack business. They aim to be global, with plans to open physical ‘Netflix Houses’ in 2025 and a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles called ‘Netflix Bites’ serving dishes from their movies and TV shows.

Now Popping, Netflix launch Snack

According to Shoprite, an 8 ounce bag of Netflix Now Popping popcorn is priced at $4.49. If you purchase one bag of each flavor, you will have already spent more than the monthly cost of the Netflix Basic plan with ads ($6.99/month in the U.S.).

According to reports, Netflix is not aiming to make a profit from this launch, but instead hopes to make their brand accessible to retailers in thousands of stores. Following a significant decrease in viewers during the pandemic, AMC Theatres also introduced its own popcorn brand.

The timing of this popcorn launch is no coincidence. It aligns perfectly with Netflix’s summer lineup of new shows and movies. Prepare yourself for the final season of Vikings: Valhalla, Too Hot to Handle, Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, and many more exciting titles.


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