Nestle’s Kit-Kat has Introduced Sustainable Packaging

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Our beloved Wafer Kit-Kat has taken a valuable step in the direction of Sustainability by Improving its packaging Paper. KitKat is introducing recyclable paper packaging as a pilot test for the brand.

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The recyclable paper packaging will be available for a limited time for its four-finger bar in Australia, across Western Australia, South Australia, and Northern Territory.

Nestlé will produce more than a quarter of a million KitKat bars wrapped in paper in an exclusive partnership with Coles, a local retailer. The pack has a QR code that people can scan to have their say and give valuable feedback on the new paper packaging.

Kit-Kat valuable step in the direction of Sustainability | Kit-Kat is introducing recyclable paper packaging as a pilot test for the brand.

Packaging experts at Nestlé’s Confectionery Research and Development Center in York, UK, adapted and tested the paper while scaling it up for use on modified high-speed flow wrapping equipment.

Louise Barrett, head, of Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Centre-York, said,

We are exploring different types of alternative packaging solutions for our confectionary products. For KitKat, the challenge was to find the right paper packaging solution with a high level of barrier properties to adequately protect the chocolate. We had to maintain the perfect balance between the iconic crispy wafer and smooth chocolate that people know and love whilst at the same time ensuring the packaging is recyclable in the paper stream.

The paper packaging pilot for KitKat is another positive step in Nestle’s commitment to using innovation to meet its packaging commitments. Nestlé has set a goal to reduce the use of virgin plastics by a third by 2025, which includes using less plastic, recycled plastic, and alternatives to plastic packaging.

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