Nestle Recalled 4,40,500 Starbucks Branded Mugs

Nestle USA has issued a recall for over 440,000 metallic Starbucks-branded holiday mugs due to overheating or breakage when exposed to microwave heat or filled with very hot liquid.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Thursday that there have been a total of 12 reported cases where the mugs have experienced overheating or breakage, leading to 10 people sustaining injuries. These injuries consist of nine cases of severe burns and blisters on the fingers or hands, as well as one instance of a cut on the finger. Furthermore, one of these requires medical treatment.

The agency reported that the mugs were available for purchase across the country, both physical retail locations and the Internet, at retailers such as Target and Supermarket. The prices ranged from $10 to $20, depending on the specific gift set, during the period from November to January.

Starbucks Recalled Mugs

The four gift sets were available in 11-ounce and 16-ounce sizes, forming a part of various sets such as a Starbucks holiday gift set containing two mugs, Starbucks classic hot cocoa, and a mug, Starbucks peppermint and classic hot cocoa with a mug, and Starbucks holiday blend coffee with a mug.

It is advised by CPSC that consumers do not use the mugs right away. They have the option to either return the mugs to the place of purchase or reach out to Nestle USA for a complete refund.

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Customers are advised to navigate to the ‘Leave US a Message’ section on the Nestle USA contact page, then choose ‘Complaint’ and select ‘Recall’ from the drop-down menu. They should attach a photo of the mug or gift set identifier code, fill out the form, and finally click on the send button, as per the CPSC’s instructions.

Nestle stated that the recall is unrelated to any other Nestle USA or Starbucks-branded items.

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