Nestle Introduced Edible Spoons with Every Purchase of Maggi

Nestle Introduced Edible Spoons in India, a plant-based fork for their Maggi cup noodles. The development of this innovative edible fork resulted from a collaboration between Nestle’s food science and packaging experts at their R&D center in India and a local startup.

The fork, made from wheat flour and salt, consists of two pieces and is designed to maintain the nutritional value and taste of the noodles while providing the desired functionality.

In early 2023, MAGGI introduced foldable, compostable forks in India. This innovative product was developed by collaborating with Nestle’s Institute of Packaging Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland, Kaneka India Pvt. Ltd., and Nestle India R&D.

The introduction of these forks has the potential to reduce plastic waste by approximately 35 MT annually.

Nestle is dedicated to reducing plastic use in packaging by redesigning accessories such as straws, cups, and cutlery.

This commitment includes simplifying packaging materials, promoting reusable and refillable systems, and researching alternative packaging materials for various product categories.

Mr. Rajat Jain, Director of Foods at Nestle India, commented on the test launch of the edible forks, stating that Nestle is dedicated to finding ways to create a better future for consumers and the environment. Introducing the edible fork in Cuppa noodles represents a major step in their efforts towards environmental responsibility and consumer-focused initiatives.

This innovative product shows Nestle’s global R&D capabilities and use of advanced technology to create a unique two-piece fork design. They believe that this launch will free them from difficulties in finding more sustainable solutions in the future.

Nestle Introduced Edible Spoons

According to Mr. Jagdeep Marahar, the Head of Nestle R&D Centre India Private Limited, a subsidiary of Societe des Produits Nestle SA, their extensive knowledge in packaging worldwide, along with the input from their local packaging experts, enables them to explore and experiment with new methods to minimize the use of plastics.

Their teams are continuously researching innovative packaging materials and advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency of plastic usage throughout the entire supply chain. Their ultimate goal is to develop sustainable alternatives consumers embrace in the local market.

The release of the edible forks is set to be a temporary promotion. MAGGI Masala Cuppa noodles with Edible Fork can be found in major metropolitan areas beginning on May 24th, priced at INR 50 for a 79.5 g pack.


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