Muzaffarnagar Jail Awarded ‘Eat Right Campus’ Certification for Healthy Inmate Diets from FSSAI

Muzaffarnagar Jail has been honored with the esteemed ‘Eat Right Campus‘ certificate by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for its commitment to providing healthy diets to inmates. This article highlights the initiatives undertaken by the jail administration, including specialized training programs and collaborations with renowned chefs, to promote safe, hygienic, and sustainable food within the prison premises.

Promoting Safe and Healthy Food

The staff members at Muzaffarnagar Jail participated in an extensive training program designed to equip the cooks with the essential skills for preparing meals that are safe, healthy, and hygienic. As part of this initiative, accomplished chefs from a well-known five-star hotel visited the jail and shared their expertise with the staff. This collaboration significantly improved the quality of food served to the inmates, ensuring their well-being and overall satisfaction.

Upliftment and Well-being of Prisoners

In addition to providing nutritious meals, Muzaffarnagar Jail focuses on various remedial programs designed to uplift the moral and mental well-being of the prisoners. Regular cleanliness drives and beautification initiatives are carried out within the premises, creating a conducive environment for rehabilitation. The jail also features a dedicated radio station that broadcasts entertaining programs for the inmates’ amusement. Furthermore, a well-stocked library with hundreds of books has been set up to encourage reading and intellectual growth among prisoners.

Recognition for Outstanding Initiatives

Muzaffarnagar Jail’s administration has received notable recognition for its efforts, including the prestigious ‘Eat Right Campus’ certificate from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This achievement adds to the jail’s previous ISO certification, which is highly regarded globally. The administration’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of food served to inmates led to a collaboration with the renowned chef from Solitaire Inn, a well-established restaurant in the city. This partnership further bolstered the jail’s capability to provide inmates with wholesome and nourishing meals.

Enhancing Transparency and Trust

Muzaffarnagar Jail recently made headlines with the installation of 24 complaint boxes outside each barrack. Initially met with skepticism, the boxes gained credibility as authorities took prompt action on the received complaints. This proactive approach significantly increased the prisoners’ faith in the system, fostering transparency, and ensuring their voices are heard.

The ‘Eat Right Campus certification awarded to Muzaffarnagar Jail underscores its commitment to providing healthy and sustainable diets to inmates. Through specialized training programs, collaborations with renowned chefs, and a focus on well-being and upliftment, the jail administration has transformed the quality of food served within the facility. The installation of complaint boxes further promotes transparency and accountability, contributing to a conducive environment for rehabilitation. Muzaffarnagar Jail sets a commendable example for other institutions to follow, emphasizing the significance of nutritious and hygienic food for the overall welfare of inmates.

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