Madhya Pradesh’s 18 Unique Products Get Global Recognition with GI Tags

Madhya Pradesh, known as the “heart of India,” is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and unique products. The state’s horticulture and food processing department has recently identified 18 products that are a specialty of different areas in the state and is applying for geographical indication (GI) to help promote these products globally. Excitingly, Rewa district’s Sundarja Mango has recently received the coveted GI tag, and the department is now working to add more products to the list. In this article, we will explore these unique products and how the GI tag can benefit their promotion and conservation.

The department is excited after Rewa district’s Sundarja Mango received the coveted GI tag and has now prepared a list of 18 products that include Indore’s jeeravan, Alirajpur’s Noorjahan mango, Kumbhraj dhania of Guna, Bhata (eggplant) of Narsinghpur district’s Barman Ghaat, Khursani Imli of Mandu, Balam Kakdi of Sailana, Khargone’s red chili, and others.

Nidhi Nivedita, director of the horticulture and food processing department, stated that all these products are unique and famous for their qualities and characteristics that originate from the specific geographical area’s climate, soil, and natural conditions. By registering for the GI tag, these products can gain a distinguished identity across the world, and the right value of the same can be earned

The GI tag not only promotes the global promotion of the products but also helps in conserving traditional production processes and protects the cultural identity of local communities. The state government and the department are committed to helping the unique horticulture harvest gain recognition worldwide. The list of products that the department is making efforts to get the GI tag for also includes mango of Betul, Jabalpur’s peas and water chestnut, sitafal of Seoni, Malwi Potato, Malwi garadu, Narsinghpur district’s jaggery, banana of Burhanpur, Chhattarpur district’s paan, Kodo-Kutki of Dindori along with eggplant and tomato (Deshi) of Balaghat district.

Here’s a table listing the 18 unique products from Madhya Pradesh that the horticulture and food processing department is applying for the geographical indication (GI) tag:

District Product
Alirajpur Noorjahan Mango
Barman Ghaat (Narsinghpur) Bhata (Eggplant)
Betul Mango
Burhanpur Banana
Chhattarpur Paan
Dindori Kodo-Kutki
Dindori Deshi Tomato
Guna Kumbhraj Dhania
Jabalpur Peas
Jabalpur Water Chestnut
Khargone Red Chili
Malwa Garadu
Malwa Potato
Mandu Khursani Imli
Narsinghpur Jaggery
Sailana Balam Kakdi
Seoni Sitafal
Indore Jeeravan

Note: Sundarja Mango from Rewa district has already received the GI tag.

Several products in Madhya Pradesh have already received the GI tag, including Wrought iron crafts and Gond painting of Dindori, Ujjain’s Batik print, Gwalior’s handmade carpet, Waraseoni handloom saree & fabrics, Jabalpur’s stone craft, Morena’s Gajak along with Sharbati wheat that is mainly produced in Sehore and Vidisha district of MP. The addition of 18 new products to this list will undoubtedly add more value to the already rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh.

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