Labelling regulations for non-retail container & pan masala warnings are re-implemented by FSSAI

In accordance with the proposed Food Safety and Standards Labelling and Display Amendment, the FSSAI has once again reoperatively implemented the labeling requirements for non-retail container warning statements pertaining to pan masala.

According to the labelling requirements of non-retail container under section 10, the regulation lays down that every packaged food meant for non-retail sale shall provide the mandatory information either on the container or pasted on the label thereto:

(a) Name of the food

(b) FSSAI logo and licence number

(c) Date marking and storage instructions, when required for the safety or integrity of the product

(d) Lot No. /Batch No. /Code No.

(e) Name and address of the manufacturer or packer (including country of origin for imported packages).

The regulations also state that all the information required by sub-regulations 10(1) and 10(2) of the regulations must be provided in the accompanying documents or by appropriate other means (such as electronically between food businesses) and must be effectively traceable to the food in such containers in the case of a non-retail container used as a food transportation unit that is not amenable to possess a label.

The regulations stipulate that non-retail containers must also include a label that reads “NON-RETAIL CONTAINER” or “NON-RETAIL CONTAINER NOT FOR DIRECT SALE TO CONSUMER” or something similar to indicate that they are not meant to be sold to customers directly. According to the laws, pan masala advertisements must have a warning message that is both loud and clearly readable.

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