After Gobi Manchurian and Cotton Candy Karnataka to crack down on tea for the Use of Pesticides

It has been discovered that tea growers use a lot of fertilizers and pesticides in their production. The state govt has collected 48 samples taken across various districts of North Karnataka where the consumption of tea is very high.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is investigating the tea. Large concentrations of pesticides and food coloring used in tea dust and leaves during processing have been discovered by food safety regulators following the significant crackdown on the use of food coloring agents in foods like gobi manchurian, pani puri, cotton candy, and kebabs.

In the case of tea, it is the pesticides and fertilisers, say sources in FSSAI. These additives could lead to cancer. The Karnataka health ministry will soon crack down on tea plantations that use more than the permissible amounts of pesticides while growing tea, which affects the health of consumers.

Because of the favorable economic benefits, tea farmers use many chemical fertilizers to maximize tea output. This resulted in soil acidification, nutrient loss, and nitrate pollution, and the remaining chemical fertilizer would also be discharged into the soil and surrounding waters in large amounts, causing great damage to the ecology

As of now, they have collected 48 samples taken across various districts of North Karnataka where the consumption of tea is very high. In districts like Bagalkote, Bidar, Gadag, Dharwad, Huballi, Vijayanagara, Koppal, and Ballari, the food inspectors have found large amounts of pesticides being used that could lead to major health hazards.

“We are testing and planning to take action against the tea producers. Our aim is to make people aware of not consuming poor quality or highly processed food and to encourage healthy eating. We are looking at things holistically and making people aware of the additives. We are not banning kebabs or gobi manchurian; we are banning the harmful substances used in these foods. The same applies to tea leaves as well,” said Karnataka health minister Dinesh Gundu Rao

According to a top official, a laboratory will analyze around 35 to 40 substances or chemicals. They have discovered that tea farmers are employing excessive amounts of pesticides. It was discovered that there were more pesticides than the allowed amount. This drive is being made for that reason; the official stated.

Previously, the Karnataka government took drastic measures and outlawed the use of artificial coloring in food, particularly in street food items like gobi manchurian and kebabs, as it was discovered that these foods were utilizing poisonous food coloring chemicals like rhodamine-B and carmoisine. When evaluated, it raised red flags for health ministries all throughout the nation since it was discovered that the highly dangerous cancer-causing chemicals tartrazine and rhodamine-B were being used to make food seem pretty.

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