ITC investing Rs 1,500 Crore to Establish Food and Packaging Facilities in Madhya Pradesh

In an announcement made on Sunday, diversified conglomerate ITC revealed its plans to invest approximately Rs 1,500 crore in the establishment of an integrated food manufacturing and logistics complex, along with a sustainable packaging products manufacturing unit, situated in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh.

Spanning an extensive area of nearly 57 acres, these two ventures are set to invigorate the agricultural and manufacturing sectors within Madhya Pradesh, as stated by ITC in an official press release.

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Upon completion, these projects will represent a total investment of Rs 1,500 crores and will provide crucial support to sustainable value chains, furthering employment opportunities.

The food manufacturing plant will focus on producing ITC’s renowned products, including the Aashirvaad brand of atta, Sunfeast biscuits, and ‘YiPPee!’ noodles. Meanwhile, the molded fiber products facility will pioneer sustainable packaging solutions, actively contributing to reducing plastic usage across various sectors, such as electronics, FMCG, and the food and beverage industry.

ITC acknowledges the substantial impact of its investment in the food processing sector through the Sehore facility, foreseeing positive contributions to the state’s manufacturing sector and fostering inclusive agri-value chains.

Highlighting the potential of the food processing sector, which resides at the confluence of agriculture, industry, and services, ITC envisions a multi-dimensional enhancement of the state’s economy by bolstering the competitiveness of the food value chain.

Chairman Sanjiv Puri expressed his thoughts on these new investment projects in Sehore, emphasizing ITC’s long-term commitment to the comprehensive development of Madhya Pradesh’s economy, encompassing agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

“With our dedication to advancing the socio-economic progress of the state, we are now embarking on the creation of two world-class facilities: the Integrated Food Manufacturing and Logistics Facility and the Sustainable Packaging Products Manufacturing Facility in Sehore,” stated Puri.

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Notably, the upcoming facilities are designed with sustainability in mind, aiming for IGBC green building Platinum standards, thereby reinforcing ITC’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The foundation laying ceremony for these projects was held in the presence of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, underscoring ITC’s substantial presence in the state. Additionally, the company currently operates seven co-manufacturing units for Foods and Agarbatti, which play a vital role in supporting local entrepreneurship.

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