IIT-Tirupati Set to Launch Innovative Food Incubation Center

AP Food Processing Society (APFPS) and IIT-Tirupati is Set to Launch Innovative Food Incubation Center in October. This center will help the food industry in the state grow. It’s a collaboration between the . They got a grant of Rs 2.60 crore from the government for this. The goal is to support new food businesses and innovations.

The center will start working in October in Tirupati. The buildings are already built, and the equipment is ready. The main aim is to help people who want to start food businesses and come up with new ideas in the food industry. This center is vital because the government wants to promote the food industry in the state.

This Food Incubation Center will have advanced machines to help entrepreneurs turn farm produce into valuable food products. For example, there will be a special process for tomatoes, mangoes, and lemons. These are crops that are grown a lot in Rayalseema and south Andhra region.

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The tomato process includes making tomato puree, which is used in many dishes. There will also be a process for making spice mixes for South Indian food.

For mangoes, they will make nutrient-packed snack bars, dried mango slices, and different mango-based drinks. They will even make carbonated mango-flavored drinks.

For lemons, they will make dehydrated lime slices and carbonated lime-flavored drinks.

The Food Incubation Center will also train and support people who want to start food businesses. They will get help with their specific products, and they can use the center’s equipment whenever they need it. Experts will also mentor them, and the center will help them find buyers for their products. They will take care of everything, from managing the center to getting the ingredients and delivering the products.

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