FSSAI Set Food Products Category for Edible Seeds

FSSAI set food products category for Edible Dried Fruits/Vegetable seeds to be licensed through FoSCoS. At present, there are no defined standards for watermelon seeds or any other edible seed, as well as any other dried fruits/vegetable seeds.

However, after careful examination by FSSAI, it has been determined that as a temporary precaution to protect consumer interests, the following product names will be included in FoSCoS for the licensing of Edible Dried Fruits/Vegetable seeds.

Sr. No Product Name Food Product Category
1 Edible dried seeds obtained from fruits Dried Fruits, Nuts and Seeds
2 Edible dried seeds obtained from vegetables Dried vegetables (Including mushrooms and fungi, roots and tubers, pulses and legumes, and aloe vera) seaweeds, nuts, and seeds.


The directive also requested food establishments to register under the general manufacturing category for these specific types until the Food Authority officially announces the specific standards.

FSSAI set food products category, Fruits and vegetable seeds

A senior officer from the Ministry highlighted the continuing tradition of incorporating seeds from fruits like sunflower seeds, as well as those from vegetables such as chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, into culinary and traditional dishes, underscoring their importance in global cuisines.

Even, he accepts that although edible seeds are commonly utilized, there remains a deficiency in universal standards for their categorization.

The FSSAI is currently undertaking measures to bridge this gap through the potential implementation of standards for these seeds. This effort seeks to enhance precision and uniformity in their categorization and utilization, with the possibility of positively impacting consumers, producers, and stakeholders in the food industry.


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