FSSAI is to formulate a diet to Incorporate Millet, by FSSAI’s new Calendar

As the International Year of Millet is going to its peak, awareness about the importance and benefit of the same is spreading all over the world. India, the primary producer of millet is taking steps to ensure for successful completion of the same.

Fssai has made a wonderful announcement during the presentation of its New Year Calendar.

📌 About the Announcement

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has planned a diet to ensure the incorporation of millet.

This Tuesday, Union Health Minister Mandvia said that the FSSAI would soon formulate guidelines for schools, hospitals government canteens, etc.., to incorporate millet due to its numerous health benefits, as nutritional options in the food menu.

Unveiling FSSAI's new year Calendar celebrates the International Year of Millets2023, it has planned a diet to ensure the incorporation of millet.

Unveiling FSSAI’s new year Calendar to celebrate the International Year of Millets2023, Minister of State Dr. Bhati Pravin Pawar suggested that in hospitals, patients can be spread to the people.

He added this year highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision that led to the observance as the International Year Of Millets. This year Provides a unique opportunity for FSSAI.

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