FOSTAC Training Fees, Certificate Download and registration link.

Many peoples ask us what is fostac training is and how to get fostac certificate? so fostac is 1 day government food safety training. The full form of FOSTAC is Food Safety Training And Certification. After training assessment is conducted in which 20 MCQ questions are asked. After scoring more than 50% in the exam you will be eligible to get a fostac certificate having lifetime validity.

Why fostac certificate is important? 

FSSAI recommends that All FSSAI licensed food businesses compulsory to have a minimum of one trained and certified Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) under FoSTaC for every 25 food handlers in each premise.

Fostac training is mandatory

It is a requirement by law in India As Per the Order of FSSAI, Section 16(3)h of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of lndia. FSSAI fostac Training Compulsory letter

Register for fostac training   

fostac training certificate sample
Fostac training certificate sample

Who can apply for fostac training?

Any person who is working in a food factory or any food business or intends to become involved in the food business, student, or food professional can register for Food Safety Supervisor.

Fostac Training Fees 2023

Level      Course Name Price (Approx)
Level 1 (Basic)
  1. Catering
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Storage & Transport
  4. Retail & Distribution.
Level 2 (Advanced)
  1. Catering
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Storage and Transport
  4. Retail & Distribution
Level 3 (Special)
  1. Milk & Milk Products
  2. Animal Meat & Meat Products
  3. Poultry Meat & Meat Products
  4. Fish & Fish Products
  5. Packaged Water & Water-Based Beverages
  6. Bakery (Level 1)
  7. Bakery (Level 2)
  8. Edible Oil and Fat
  9. Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals

Fostac Training registration form   

Fostac training registration (Step by step process)

This is how you can apply for the fostac training course :

  1. Fill your details carefully in the registration form.
  2. After submitting the registration form you will get a razorpay payment link. Pay your fees there. 
  3. After completing the payment you will get payment receipt on your registered mail id. 
  4. Generate your Fostac id and password from fostac website
  5. After submitting above form you will id and password on your registered mobile number text message. 
  6. Log into your fostac profile.
  7. Go to “Upcoming Training” and Register for your suitable training.

fostac course flowchart

Fostac Training Certificate Download (Step by Step Process)

  1. Visit FOSTAC official website to download fostac certificate
  2. Login to your Fostac account using your ID, password
  3. Go to “Past Trainings” tab.
  4. Click on “Download Certificate” botton.

Fostac Course Application Form   

Fostac Certificate Validity

Earlier it was 2 years of validity but now every fostac certificate comes with lifetime validity.

Fostac training manual pdf download link 

  1. Fostac catering training manual pdf download link
  2. Fostac manufacturing training manual pdf download link
  3. Fostac storage and transport training manual pdf download link
  4. Fostac retail and distribution training manual pdf download link
  5. Street food vendor training manual pdf download link


Fostac Training Application Form   

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this training going to take place?
It is conducted on online or offline.
Is the credibility of online and offline training the same or not?
YES. There is no difference between online and offline training. Both of them have the same content and same certificate. Offline training is more expensive than online training.
When will this training take place?
There are regular batches scheduled every month. Whatsapp this number – 9561234211 to know about the upcoming batch.
What is the validity of a certificate?
FOSTAC certificate has lifetime validity.
What should I do after expiring my certificate?
After expiring the certificate you again need to do FOSTAC Training.
Is there any exam in fostac training?
Yes. There is an MCQ type exam conducted on the same day of training. You must need to score more than 50% to pass the exam and then you will get a certificate and so eligible to work as Food Safety Supervisor.
Does this training help me in getting a job?
This training will definitely add value to your resume and make you apart from the crowd but this training does not give a guarantee for your job.

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