Food O Copia Officially Launched by FSSAI in Global Food regulators summit 2023

FSSAI launched Food O Copia to boost corporate compliance with food regulations, standards, and procedures. It is Ultimate Guide to Food Regulations in India.

Food O Copia

It’s a compilation of regulations and procedures that must be followed while making and selling food products in India.

It’s divided into two parts

  1. The first part contains the basic rules for all products, like labeling, packaging, and what’s allowed and restricted.
  2. The second part contains different product categories that contain individual parameters that need to be complied with, including guidelines on additives and processing aids, labeling, prohibition and restrictions, and test methods among other essential requirements.

Food O Copia fssai

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is responsible for establishing standards for food items and overseeing their manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale, and import. The primary goal is to ensure the availability of safe and nutritious food for human consumption. FSSAI achieves this through the formulation and notification of regulations in the Gazette of India. These regulations cover various food products and categories, incorporating both vertical and horizontal standards in the Food Safety and Standards Regulations (FSSRs).

To consolidate and streamline the standards, FSSAI has introduced Food-‘O’-copoeia. It serves as a comprehensive compilation of monographs for each food category, presenting all relevant standards from FSSRs in one accessible reference. Each monograph outlines quality and food safety standards, labeling and claim requirements, specific packaging criteria, test methods, and any other regulatory provisions that must be followed for the respective food category.

Food-‘O’-copoeia is developed by the NetSCoFAN lead group of Institutions, and it acts as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals to ensure compliance with FSSAI regulations and maintain food safety and quality standards.

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So, whether you’re a food technologist, or just curious about food regulations, Food-O-Copia has got you covered!

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