Documentation Required to Verify the Premises when Applying for a License through FoSCoS

Documentation Required to Verify the Premises when applying for a License through FoSCoS for shared Workspaces. The FSSAI has been advanced by Food Business Operators (FBOs) who operate from shared workspaces instead of the traditional method of having their exclusive floor or building with a rent agreement.

These FBOs are submitting documents such as work orders or contracts with the shared workspace provider when applying for licenses through FoSCoS.

To stop these difficulties and acknowledge the idea of flexible workspaces, it has been determined that if an FBO can present valid evidence of their premises (such as rent, rental agreement, or any legally binding contract), they may be considered eligible.

However, it is required that the FBO also provide the permanent address of the authorized witness within any state or union territory in India.

Furthermore, if the FBO already holds certifications from other governmental bodies, it is necessary to include an extra document such as GST, PAN/TAN, or CIN (whichever is applicable).

Additionally, it should be noted that the requirement of providing documents as proof of premises (shared workspace) applies only to specific types of businesses. These businesses are limited to office-related functions or record-keeping duties and are not involved in storing food items.

  1. Re labeler
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Importer (If Import, Export code is issued on the same location)
  4. Trader/Merchant – Exporter (If Import, Export code is issued on the same location)
  5. Food Vending Agencies
  6. Transportation
  7. Head office/Registered office


License through FoSCoS

Please be aware that FBO is responsible for obtaining permissions or No Objection Certifications (NOC) from other government organizations as needed. These responsibilities must be acknowledged through a tick-based self-declaration when applying for a license or registration.

These issues have been approved by the CEO of FSSAI.

Note – If the licensing authority finds any food record stored on the premises during the application review, they may ask the Food Business Operator for clarification before approving the use of the premises for that purpose.


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