SUGAR CONTROL ATTA to fight diabetes by Diabexy

Diabetes is a major problem in today’s world,

Diabetes is not just a health issue, but a disease that concerns the whole of society, according to a spokesperson from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Around 422 million people now suffer from diabetes, a figure which has almost doubled in the past 35 years.

Diabexy has come forward with “SUGAR CONTROL ATTA” suitable for diabetic people, here is all you need to know about it.

📜 About Diabexy.

Diabexy is a food product brand that provides Low Glycemic load food products for persons willing to manage their blood sugar levels. The glycemic load of a food item is an important nutritional parameter because it can suggest how much blood sugar level will rise after eating a particular amount of food. One must control his daily dietary glycemic load for better blood sugar control.

🧑‍⚕️ About Sugar Control Atta.

This atta contains a good proportion of

  • Protein,
  • Dietary fiber, and
  • Energy Value

It is made up of

  • Nuts and
  • Seeds,
  • Without grain for the management and prevention of diabetes.

Diabexy has come with “SUGAR CONTROL ATTA”, to fight diabetes

This atta will successfully meet their nutrient needs, along with sugar management for all age groups.In addition, it is a very effective solution for those who suffer from insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, intestinal disorders, cancer, obesity, skin issues, sexual weakness, and general weakness.

Lokendra Tomar, diet educator & founder, Diabexy, said

We sought to bridge the gap between the taste and health advantage of diabetic-friendly food products, which is why we launched Diabexy Atta in India. We have done several years of hard work to maintain the balance between taste and the health of diabetic patients. There are many people, who are gluten intolerant, and for them, we have introduced gluten-free Diabexy Atta So now they can follow gluten-free low-carb lifestyles. People believe that eating multigrain atta is low carb but please understand that all grains are high in carbs hence using multigrain for a diabetic person is of little use.

The only de-merit Product has till now is its high cost, i.e.. Rs.466/Kg. Available on amazon.

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