Cocacola like drink owned by Indian Government – Double Seven (1977)

Double Seven was a soft drink owned by the Government of India in 1977. People also called it ‘Sarkari cola’ or ‘Satattar’.

Indian government itself has been involved in the marketing and manufacturing of this product. It was launched at the annual trade fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi by the Morarji Desai government (Janata Party) in November 1977.

Coca cola left India

In 1977, Coca-Cola stopped operations in India due to changes in governmental regulations. Coca-Cola and other American businesses decided to leave India because of the provision of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.

Birth of Double seven 

Many peoples are unemployed because of shutting down the operations of these foreign brands so to fill this gap government launched its own drink – Double Seven. It was marketed and manufactured by Modern Food Industries which makes Modern Bread (a government-owned company).  The Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore created the formula for the Double Seven concentrate.


  1. Double Seven Cola
  2. Double Seven Tingle (lemon-lime flavoured)

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End of Sarkari cola

Campa Cola, Thums Up, Duke’s, McDowell’s Crush, and Double Cola were Double Seven’s big competitors.

In my younger days, I was crazy about Coca-Cola. Despite repeated assurance from the government that Double Seven tastes like Coca Cola, we found no match. The fizz was much lesser, the taste of Double Seven was very sweet and the punch of drinking a cold-drink was missing.Anant Sharma, 54-year-old government banking official, New Delhi.

The business failed because many customers did not like the flavor of Double Seven. The collapse of Desai’s government in 1979 had additional negative effects on the brand’s future. Plus, the Congress government that came into power was not interested in a product that remind them the Desai government.

Coca-Cola was back in India in 1993. And from then till now they are dominating the market.

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